Alice Bennett

First Vice President

Chair, Membership Services Committee


Melanie S. Jackson

Chair, Collegiate Transition Taskforce


Robbin Frazier

Chair, Reclamation



Kimberly Stephens

Chair, Retaining



Avis Sweet

Chair, Member

Engagement Analyst



The Membership Services Committee's mission is to promote retention, reclamation, collegiate transition and programs and activities in accordance with the National Membership Services Initiatives.

The First Vice President serves as chair of the Membership Services Committee and coordinates activities to promote bonding and sisterhood.

We love and need our members!

Understanding that every member is an integral part of the foundation of this sisterhood, we do not take your membership for granted. We believe that members are the most important component of our sisterhood and their level of involvement directly impacts the success of our initiatives. If you have questions or need our support, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to serve.

Alice Bennett

First Vice President

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