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Membership Services

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SHEroes of Embrace, Engage, and Empower


Alice Bennett

First Vice President
Chair, Membership

Services Committee

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Dana Johnson

Chair, Collegiate Connection


Robbin Frazier

Chair, Reclamation


Kimberly Stephens

Avis Sweet

Chair, Retaining

Chair, Membership
Engagement Analyst


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Beatrice Conner

Hattie Matthews

Brenda Thomas

Brenda White


The Membership Services Committee's mission is to promote retention, reclamation, collegiate transition and programs and activities in accordance with the National Membership Services Initiatives.

The First Vice President serves as chair of the Membership Services Committee and coordinates activities to promote bonding and sisterhood.


We love and need our members!

Understanding that every member is an integral part of the foundation of this sisterhood, we do not take your membership for granted. We believe that members are the most important component of our sisterhood and their level of involvement directly impacts the success of our initiatives. If you have questions or need our support, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to serve.

Alice Bennett

First Vice President



Team Reclamation would like to thank you for your support of our inaugural HBCU style Reclamation Homecoming event.  What an unforgettable afternoon of fun and fellowship! In less than three hours, we registered more than 100 financial Sorors and 60 non-financial Sorors.  A total of 15 members paid their dues on site; with more having expressed a desire to be reclaimed!  But how could they not? 

We Embraced, Empowered and Engaged!  Our special guests received meal tickets to enjoy lunch from the Black owned food truck vendors Brite Light Catering and Catie Rosie’s Comfort Cuisine, a gold elephant and heart bracelet and a coupon to receive a 10% discount for any Delta paraphernalia purchased from Brothers and Sisters during the week of Founders Day.  They also had the opportunity to sample and patronize some of the organic skin care products from Jones and Rose, a locally Black owned business, and line dance to sounds played by none other than DJ Semaj.  And who can forget the extraordinary performance put on by the phenomenal Stroll Team (aka “The Deltarettes”) led by our very Drum Major, which help set the tone for a memorable afternoon.  As well as the celebratory decade photos we were able to capture of Sorors recalling their period of initiation into our illustrious sisterhood.  

Soror Rosalyn Burroughs

2020 JAC Homecoming Queen

We were also able to crown our very first Homecoming Queen, Soror Rosalyn Burroughs, for having the most visiting Sorors in attendance.  Soror Burroughs invited sixteen guests and had a total of seven inactive Sorors attend. And, we still have the Grand Prize that will be awarded to the JAC Soror who has the most visiting Sorors to become financial by March 15, 2020.

Homecoming Queen and her Homecoming Cour

Sorors Alice Bennett (1st VP), Robbin Frazier (Reclamation Chair), and Rosalyn Burroughs (Homecoming Queen) with her Homecoming Court (Visiting Sorors)

A huge thank you must be extended to our industrious finance team for working so diligently throughout the afternoon to take care of those returning.  We also had a number of Sorors sign up with specific committees through PP&D who was also on deck and hard at work. 

It’s fair to say our very first Reclamation Homecoming was an EPIC event.  And though it may be over for now, the reclamation activities must continue.  So, I challenge you Sorors to remain steadfast and continue to seek opportunities to Embrace, Empower and Engage so that we can Reclaim.  Why…because we are our sister’s keeper!

JAC Reclamation Homecoming 2020

JAC Reclamation Homecoming 2020

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Collegiate Connection

The Membership Services Collegiate Transition Taskforce hosted our

first CTT Brunch. JAC Sorors along with Sorors of the

Visionary Omicron Beta Chapter at Edward Waters College and the Sophisticated Sigma Alpha Chapter at the University of North Florida enjoyed delicious food and amazing fellowship as we shared stories, bonded, and experienced the Joy In Our Sisterhood. 


Different parts of the city, same awesome fellowship!

From Sister Connections in 5 parts of the city to celebrating the holiday season at our Membership Christmas party, we've been enjoying time with our sisters.

The Membership Services Retaining Sub--committee invites sorors to join us as we continue to

meet and learn more about each other.

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