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financial fortitude


Economic stability is a key element in creating and maintaining strong communities. To address the need for economic development, Delta 
Sigma Theta put forth Financial Fortitude, a process specifically 
designed to promote understanding of all aspects of the financial 
system, including but not limited to, budgeting, homeownership, 
personal wealth management, entrepreneurship, and the steps to 
financial freedom. Some of our projects includes Financial Fortitude workshops.


Mind Over Matter Fitness 


On February 8 sorors showed up for Delta Day at a Black Business at Mind Over Matter Fitness. 

Financial Health & Wealth Workshop

On March 5th, the Economic Development Committee offered a workshop focused on financial health and wealth management.  Led by Soror Robbin Winters, this event was a wealth of information, experience and knowledge sharing, and lots of great questions and answers from the audience. The committee will have a follow-up session in April for those who can join!

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